Aroniasprodukte, Kürbiskerne und Freilandeier aus dem Vulkanland

Welcome! Our farm is located in the middle of the beautiful volcanic land in the south-east of Styria, Austria. Not far from the market town Gnas we are at home in Trössing. The house name of our farm "Altmüller" we have chosen for the love of tradition and our home for the marketing of our products.


We - Family Rauch - are a family business. Elisabeth is the good soul of the house and makes jams, salts and much more with lots of love. Robert is the networker and responsible for the "rough" work. Elisa and Tamara are still in school, but are actively involved in the family business whenever possible.


Our aronia fields are our most recent addition and we have started enjoying this fruit very much. In addition to juice, dried berries and jams, we produce even more great products. Our free-range chickens enjoy moving freely between the aronia bushes. Our pumpkin seed oil is regularly pressed fresh from our own pumpkin seeds. A great passion of Elisabeth Rauch is her herb garden. From the herbs and flowers arise various herbal specialties.



Lisi, Robert, Elisa & Tamara


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