Aroniasprodukte, Kürbiskerne und Freilandeier aus dem Vulkanland


We love this little dark blue fruit, that's why we offer a wide variety of products from Aronia berries!


For Elisa, breakfast is the most important meal and therefore a rich muesli at the breakfast table should not be missing - on top a sprinkle of dried Aronia berries is a must! And on many a morning it can happen that one or the other berry lands on Tamara.


Tamara is a tea drinker and on cold winter days, Aronia tea tastes best. In her school, this tea has already gained fame - just try it yourself.


Mama Lisi loves to put the small berries into our home-made jams, which she uses for further sweet delicacies. She certainly does not lack recipes and ideas!


Dad Robert loves the tart-sweet taste of the Aronia juice. Robert swears by it and that's why a small glass of pure aronia juice every day is a must for him.


And what all four of us love are our two Aronia chocolate varieties, because they always taste delicious!





We are proud to be a member of the association Aronia Austria.

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Our aronia berries grow around our farm. Our hens, who enjoy looking for worms between the aronia bushes, take over a large part of the plant care.



Origin of the Aronia berry

The aronia plant has its origin in the eastern North America and was there already appreciated by the Indians as valuable fruit. From America, the choke berries finally made their journey across Russia and Poland to Central Europe, where they were previously known mainly as ornamental wood.

Only since 2001, when the first aronia shrubs were planted in south-eastern Styria, has it also enriched the fruit assortment in Austria. Aronia is also produced organically and does not require pesticides, which is almost unique in orcharding.


Aronia shrubs, a wild-flowering bush from the rose family that produces white flowers in May, produce dark purple, almost black fruits by the end of August. These apple-shaped berries, which have a diameter of 5-12 mm and are covered with a waxy outer shell, are only partially suitable for raw consumption.


The juice of the pressed berries tastes fine-sour, with the sweetness varying depending on the growing area, weather conditions and processing, and thus offers a novel taste experience.



Our aronia products at a glance

Dried aronia berries:

The hand-picked fresh aronia berries are dried gently at approx. at 50°C to preserve the valuable ingredients. The berries, which are not sugared or sulphured are processed without addition of food-preserving substances. The berries are suitable for snacking, but also for cooking, baking or as an addition to cereals, milkshakes or yoghurt dishes.


Aronia powder:

You can sprinkle the ground pomace on your muesli, as well as mix it with yoghurt or salad, or use it everywhere in cooking and baking (sauces, salads, smoothies, dips, bread, pancakes, ...). The food is given a slight red to violet colour by the Aronia powder.


Aronia salt:

Persian desert salt is a natural salt from the desert of Lut in Persia, which originated from a primeval sea. It is mixed with pure Aronia juice and with Aronia powder. The taste and the colour give a special touch to red meat and game dishes. Furthermore, it can be used for salads and sauces.


Aronia tea:  

The dried aronia ground pomace is mixed with dried quince and apple pieces and dried rosehip. Through this mixture, the tea develops a full-bodied taste.

Two teaspoons of Aronia tea are sufficient for a 250 ml cup.

Pour boiling water over the Aronia tea and leave to infuse for 10 minutes!


Aronia fruit spread:

The hand-picked aronia berries are washed and then deep-frozen to lose some of their bitter substances.

During jam production, the thawed aronia berries are mixed with gelling sugar and lemon juice and brought to a boil, after that the still hot jam is filled into glasses and sterilized again to ensure its shelf life.


Aronia juice:

The freshly harvested aronia berries are gently pressed so that all valuable ingredients are preserved. The juice does not contain artificial flavourings, preservatives or sugar.

The pure Aronia juice has a slightly tart taste.

You can drink the juice pure or mix it with apple juice, mineral water, champagne, beer, milk, etc.

Our recommendation: One shot glass a day, preferably after the meal!


Milk chocolate with Aronia cream and pomace:

The aronia cream consists of aronia jam and aronia pomace. The filling is covered with milk chocolate.

Store dry and protected from heat!


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