Aroniasprodukte, Kürbiskerne und Freilandeier aus dem Vulkanland

The pumpkins for our pumpkin seeds come from our own cultivation. After harvesting, the seeds are washed and dried gently. To ensure that only the best seeds go into further processing, we sort them by hand before the following products are created:


Pumpkin seed oil:

The seeds are regularly freshly pressed, so that we can always guarantee excellent quality of our pumpkin seed oil.

Due to its nutty aroma, the Pumpkin Seed Oil is not only used as a salad oil, but it is also suitable for warm starters, main courses and desserts.


Roasted pumpkin seeds for snacking:

By dry roasting in a pan pumpkin seeds get a nutty taste, thus the roasted pumpkin seeds are particularly good for snacking, cooking and baking. Chopped they can also be sprinkled over salads or in muesli and spreads.


Pumpkin seeds Butter Vanilla:

The butter-vanilla flavour gives our pumpkin seeds their typical taste - a touch of vanilla!

Our pumpkin seeds with butter vanilla flavour are suitable for snacking and for baking.


Pumpkin seeds with cinnamon:

The cinnamon gives our pumpkin seeds their typical taste - a hint of cinnamon!

Our pumpkin seeds with cinnamon flavour are suitable for snacking and baking.


Pumpkin seed Chocolate with Aronia Jelly:

A pleasure that you must try!

A combination of pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds and Aronia juice. The ingredients form a two-coloured cream layer, which is covered with dark chocolate.


Store dry and protected from heat!






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